Protesters Gather Peacefully for Black Lives Matter Protest in Gaylord

Protesters gathered peacefully in Gaylord Monday in response to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 06 01 2020 Gaylord Protest Pkg 6 2

“Racism is very still alive in our country today, even though people deny it, we need a systematic change,” said protester Erin McBridge.

And even hundreds of miles away from Minneapolis, these protesters say their voices still matter.

“We can stand up as a community no matter where you are and peacefully speak our message, we can do better and we have to do better,” said protester Jonathan Burke.
“People need to see that people care, no matter where you are you should still care, no matter how far away,” said protester Chanelle Beach.

It was not lost on protesters that we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Many wore masks, while also trying to maintain social distancing.

“I’m here because I love America and I want to see our country do that right thing,” protester Colleen May. “This is about human rights.”

At one point. they set the signs down, and stopped the chants for a moment of silence.

Eight silent minutes in honor of Floyd, who was killed when a police officer had his knee in his neck for about 8 minutes.

“It outrages me very very much because it’s still happening,” Beach said. “I just want change.”