Northern Michigan’s ‘Quarantine Queen’ Spreads Laughter Through Social Media Posts

We’ve been all trying to come up with ways to spread the good, and make those around us a little happier.  Mary Perry McDaniel from Manton, is quickly becoming an internet sensation with her sense of humor and fabulous fashion. Since late March, the ‘Quarantine Queen’ has made a Facebook post 98481011 3937515176290168 4336597413272748032 Neach and every day featuring different costumes, scenarios, jokes, or meaningful messages.

Day 7, Mary put on her pearls and a feathered hat to do a very simple task – the laundry.

Day 37, was a photo of her as a bride in a pristine, white dress getting her hands dirty with an old fashioned garden plow.

Day 71, she proudly sits with her flamingo friends wearing flamingo sunglasses reminding her pals to ‘see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil’.

The comments from her social media buddies were a huge help and ranged from encouraging words to outfit ideas.

On day 74, the ‘Quarantine Queen’ made her last post – now that things are slowly going back to ‘normal’.

“I’m outta here, but not without a huge thanks to all of these people. Without them, I couldn’t have done this for 74 days,” Mary said on Facebook,  “I would say until next time, but I hope we never go through this again. Peace out-love you all!”

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