Northern Michigan Baseball Team Collects Cans for Fundraising Event

If you have cans and bottles pilling up, you can help be a part of the largest returnable bottle and can drive in Northern Michigan.Lots Of Returnables 1

What started as a small fundraising effort for a new youth baseball program – The Northern Michigan Cyclones – has now collected more than $7500 in just two weeks. Now, they’re keeping the program going to help other teams and organizations like youth golf, soccer, football, boy scouts, and girl scouts. Currently, the goal is to raise more than $25,000 in bottles and cans.

To help their fundraiser, you can drop off your returnables at Lange & Associates at 5500 S. Straits Hwy, Indian River, MI 49749.  If you have $10 or more in returnables, and live in the area, text (231) 290 – 0102 for someone to pick them up.

For more information about The Northern Michigan Cyclones – click here


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