Mecosta County Teen Charged as Adult in Stabbing Investigation

We have new details on a disturbing case involving a stabbing in Mecosta County.

14 year-old Harley Feyerabend is now charged as an adult with attempted murder and assault with intent to commit murder.

Deputies say she stabbed another 14 year-old girl multiple times Saturday afternoon.

The Mecosta County Sheriff says 14 year-old Harley Feyerabend made the first 911 call on Saturday and told dispatchers she had just killed her friend. Deputies and paramedics then rushed to a home on Stones Corner Road and found a 14 year-old girl with multiple stab wounds.

The sheriff says a disturbing motive came to light once detectives started talking to Feyerabend.

“They were friends. No ill feelings or anything like that between the two that we were made aware of. When we brought the suspect back in for an interview or a statement she advised that her only motive was to watch somebody die,” said Sheriff Todd Purcell.

The sheriff says Feyerabend told investigators she’d been planning this since at least the 1st of the year.

“She was very cooperative and very forthcoming with her statements and with what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. The age we’re talking about, and the motive, is probably one of the worst I’ve had to deal with here,” said Purcell.

The victim in this case did have life threatening injuries but is expected to recover.

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