Lansing Protesters March From Capitol to East Lansing Police Dept.

Lansing Protests Vo 12.transfer

It’s been one week since George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis.

Since then, there have been days of protests that have stretched to every corner of the country.

Thousands of people have been arrested from the protests including several hundred in Michigan.

In Lansing Sunday, protesters marched from the Capitol lawn to the East Lansing Police Department where they filled the steps.

The march quickly turned from peaceful to one that has been a more constant scene that was seen all over the nation this weekend: destruction engulfing Lansing.

Governor Whitmer was checking out all the damage done to downtown Lansing.

“We’re working our way through a global pandemic, we had a 500 year flood on top of it, and of course this is years in the making of abuse and sadness,” Whitmer said. “And so I think the prevailing reaction is sadness and it’s got to be determination. We owe it to everyone in this state and in this country to do better.”