Independent Autopsy Rules George Floyd’s Death a Homicide by Asphyxiation

Demonstrations have taken place across the nation in the week since the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Floyd pleaded for his life before dying under the knee of a police officer.

That officer has now been arrested.

An autopsy commissioned by Floyd’s family found that he died because of neck and back compression.

It found the compression cut off blood to Floyd’s brain, and the weight on his back made it hard to breathe.

Dr. Allecia Wilson, one of the forensic pathologists who conducted the independent autopsy, said Floyd died as a result of mechanical asphyxiation and called the death a homicide.

That differs from the official autopsy described in a criminal complaint against now-fired officer Derek Chauvin.

The medical examiner found the combined effects of being restrained, possible intoxicants, and underlying health issues were to blame.

Chauvin has been charged with third-degree murder.

He’s expected to be in court next Monday.

The three officers that were standing by Chauvin as Floyd died might also be charged, and additional charges may be filed against Chauvin.