Gov. Whitmer Rescinds Safer-At-Home Order, Announces More Statewide Openings

For the past two weekends the Upper Peninsula and much of Northern Michigan has benefited from the reopening of restaurants, bars and retail shops.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer says it’s time for the rest of the state to join the UP and Traverse City regions and shift into Phase 4.

Opening up even more business and getting the state back to the pre-coronavirus days, is at least 50% of the way there.June 1 G Original

“The data has shown that we are ready to carefully move our state into this next phase,” says Gov. Whitmer.

The state of Michigan is graduating. Walking across the stage to a new level of freedom.

“Today, I signed an executive order moving the entire state into Phase 4,” says Whitmer.

This means now every region will join the Upper Peninsula and the Traverse City region in allowing bars, restaurants and retail stores to reopen, with social distancing guidelines, starting next week.

“We’re taking a big step forward today,” says Whitmer, “It’s undeniable the fact that we’ve gone from a moment where we said everyone needs to stay home except for these essential things to now it’s okay to reengage except for these couple things that are still too risky.”

Things like theaters, gyms salons and non-tribal casinos are not yet there but Whitmer says the state is getting close. In fact, she hinted the UP and Northern Michigan may move on to Phase 5 this week and the rest of the state soon after.

“We may be we may be taking that step and I’d like to take it before Independence Day weekend,” says Whitmer, “But we’ve got to follow the data.”

Not mentioned in her press conference but a new freedom as well, can and bottle returns.

Starting June 15, any stores with return machines in the front of the store or in a separate room must begin accept cans and bottles again.

There is predicted to be more than $50 million worth of returnables out in the state.

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