Civic Center South in Kingsley Adds New Disc Golf Course

“I mean what better way to get outdoors and get fresh air…” Disc Golf Ll Pkg 4.transfer

One of the more frustrating yet rewarding ways to get some fresh air… Disc golf!

A group of gifted golfers in Grand Traverse County is hoping to grow this sport. They are growing the sport by making courses more accessible across the state. Their latest project is at the Kingsley Civic Center South where they expanded the already 18 holes to now, 36 with the Bear’s Den.

Kyle Williams, a professional disc golfer and volunteer on the expansion of this course says, “The civic center always had one disc golf course and for years my buddies and I had looked at this side of the property and been like I bet another disc golf course would fit over here…”

After getting some land donated, raising money, and getting plenty of helping hands— they were able to start chipping away at this dream course. As you can imagine though, this project didn’t happen overnight… Greg Argyle, the project lead explains, “the construction started in about 2018. As far as planning and coordinating its been about 4 years. Lots of tree clearing, lots of brush removal, wood chipping, lots of raking, spreading mulch, pouring concrete, putting in benches, installing baskets—“ the list goes on… They had a blank canvas to work with and they were able to make it their own. 

This hard work over the years is now paying off. “Seeing people out and playing is really cool to see especially when you put something in and you’ve helped with a course and see people use it and get excited about it — it’s really cool,” says Kyle Williams. 

As for joining this fairly inexpensive and accessible sport, all you’ll need is the disc and a course to use. 

For more information on the new course, click here.

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