Cadillac High School Celebrates Class of 2020

Due to the coronavirus, Cadillac High School had to postpone its graduation ceremony, which was originally scheduled to be held on Sunday.

Even though the school moved the actual ceremony to the end of June, Principal Konrad Motler said they still wanted to be able to celebrate seniors on Sunday.

“Today is a great day to symbolize our support for them,” Motler said. “This gives them some normalcy and some time that they can connect even though they’re going to be far apart in cars, they’ll be able to see their peers.”

The seniors of class 2020 were able to wear caps and gowns, decorate cars, and have parents drive them for a parade through town. And the community was encouraged to come out and support.

The idea for this celebration came from a Cadillac senior.Cadillac Senior Parade

“A senior, Taya Scott, she sent me an email and said ‘Hey Mr. Molter, a local community was doing a parade through their town, I believe it was Manton, and they said everybody and their brother came out and it was a great way to celebrate,” Motler said.

He took the idea and ran with it.

“So I ran it up the flagpole with the committee that we started to end the school year, called the senior task force. They all thought it was a great idea, they said to go for it, so we shot it out there and in 24 hours we had the idea concocted and here we are today (Sunday) looking to have a great day,” Motler added.

The parade was more than just support for the seniors, but a sign of unity.

“The biggest part of this is that it’s somewhat of closure for us because we’ve spent all these years together,” said Motler. “And to watch these kids come together and do something, I think the community needs it, I think the students need it, I think the faculty, staff, we need it. Teachers were talking about gathering together in a group of support so I think this is overdue.”