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Gaylord High School Holds Ski Lift Graduation

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Even though the seniors of class 2020 didn’t get the chance to walk across the stage at Gaylord High, the community made sure they still had the chance to soar.

This year’s graduating class took a ride up the ski lift at Treetops Resort.

Students wore caps and gowns and were cheered on by friends and family.

Senior Reagan Olli says this helps make up for some of the moments she has missed out on.

“You expect to like have your senior year sports season, your graduation, and have all those last moments with your friends,” Olli said.

But her graduation is one of a kind, and Olli says “It’s definitely crazy.”

Denise Landrie helped to arrange the event.

She said, “It’s so heartfelt, it gives me goosebumps.”

The unique ceremony was a huge community collaboration.

“Multiple Otsego County businesses and residences came together in these past short two weeks and made this happen,” Landrie said.

Putting the event together was a challenge, Landrie says, but it wasn’t going to keep them for making this dream a reality for their seniors.

“They, as everybody with COVID-19 coming our way, we took upon a challenge and we made it happen here at Treetops.” Landrie said. “It’s incredible to be able to see these kids with a smile on their faces.”

As for the seniors, Reagan Olli says this is something she will never forget.

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