Sen. Gary Peters Says Federal Government Must Help Support Michigan’s State Budget

9&10 News caught up with one of Michigan’s senators Friday about how coronavirus is impacting the state’s budget.

Screen Shot 2020 05 29 At 4.27.01 PmSenator Gary Peters says he’s worried about how COVID-19 funding and resources may cut into monies for other things like schools.

He wants the federal government to step in and provide more resources for state and local governments.

He says the House has already passed a funding bill and now he wants to fight to get his colleagues in the Senate to do the same.

“The original CARES act did provide resources for state and local governments alone; at the time, we suspected it wasn’t going to be sufficient given the severity of the crisis that we are facing, and that’s why this next package is important,” said Sen. Peters.

The state budget director also agrees that Michigan’s budget will need help from the federal government.

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