Historic Fishtown Sees Flooding at Morris Shanty

The Fishtown Preservation Society has been on a mission to get the historic Morris Shanty lifted and repaired, but the rising water levels have left the building hanging on.

Fishtown Preservation Society’s executive director, Amanda Holmes, said that after this week’s weather something told her to go check on the Shanty.

“Basically when I opened the door what I saw is what you see in this picture, just filled with water,” Holmes said. “This year its starting off far higher than it was in May of last year, and we know that we are in this rising swoop.”

Holmes says about eight inches of water is standing in the Morris Shanty and for now, that’s where it will have to stay.88dea9ae Cf98 4435 83f8 642470f12c46

“It’s not just a matter of sweeping out the water…There is no drain pipe to put this water into. This is its new base level. And it’s just kind of going up.”

The Shanty was set to be lifted in March, but construction was canceled because of weather. And even though construction companies are in full swing, their plans have been put on hold again.

“Those crews that can do lifting and do these kinds of projects are so backed up,” Holmes said. “Getting the other work done can wait, but we just have to get it out of the river.”

The Fishtown Preservation Society says it hopes to get the Morris Shanty lifted for repairs by the middle to end of June, but an exact date is still up in the air.