GT Commons Flood Victims Still Remain Positive

Clean up efforts took place at Grand Traverse Commons Friday afternoon.

Rainfall from Thursday’s storm came quick and flooded several stores and restaurants in the complex.

“There was a massive amount of water that came down the hill behind us, and the drainage system really was overwhelmed and didn’t have the ability to get the water out as fast as the rain was coming down,” said co-owner Raymond Minervni. “We have never seen that. That was a very massive rainfall in a very short period of time.”

Giorgio Logieco has owned Pepe Nero for four years. His restaurant had several feet of water inside at one point.

05 29 20 Gt Commons Cleanup Pkg 6“I cannot say I was crying but I was close,” said Logieco when he saw the damage.

Kitty Soma’s Christmas shop only had minor damage.

“One of my friends, another merchant, called me and said ‘hey you might want to come back here we’e trying to keep water out of your store’,” said Soma. “When I got here, there were a few people just pushing the water to the drain so it wouldn’t come into my store. So I was really pretty fortunate.”

However, despite the all damage, the Commons community, and those surrounding the area, jumped in to help.

“It started with a lot of the villagers coming together, the shop owners, the residents, neighbors people just calling friends from around the area to come and pitch in,” said Minervini. “People moving water with brooms and squeegees to get the water to the drains. It was really heartwarming to see everyone pitching in together.”

Grand Traverse Commons originally planned to open June 13, per Governor Whitmer’s Stay at Home order, and they still plan to open that day.