Gov. Whitmer Discusses State Efforts to Help Small Businesses as Economy Reopens

Small businesses have been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic, and the next few months will be critical for them.

Some small businesses in Michigan have started to open back up, but Governor Whitmer says as more get set to open, more will need help from the state, including when it comes to finding PPE.

The state also expanded access to its work share program, allowing employees to keep some unemployment benefits as they return to work.The governor says they’re making these moves now since more parts of the state and the economy could be closer to opening — possibly in the coming days.

“I know that there are people across people across our state who have spell spend a lifetime building a business building a business that is now precarious to put it lightly and I know they’re worried, but what I can say is that because of where the numbers are at, we feel confident that we’re if it continues that we will be in that position to continue this re-engagement,” said Whitmer.

“We started talking about the work share program several weeks ago when the eligibility was expanded, and recognized straight away as a really important tool for businesses as they look to deal with occurrence economic realities that they are facing,” said Michigan SBA President Brian Calley.

Governor Whitmer will testify before congress on Tuesday about the state’s coronavirus response along with other governors from across the country.

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