Gladwin County Prosecutor Allows Restaurants to Reopen Following Floods

Families devastated by the recent floods in Gladwin County might be able to get food a little easier now. Gladwin Restaraunts Reopening Vo 6.transfer

The Gladwin County prosecutor released a statement making an exception for local restaurants, allowing them to open up dine-in services for residents, emergency workers, volunteers, and property owners in the county.

He says the state of emergency due to the flooding allows them to suspend parts of the COVID-19 crisis orders.

Macks on Main will open Saturday for dine-in services.

The owner tells us he is glad to help, but feels stuck in the middle and is nervous of possible repercussions.

“What are the repercussions from the state, or the health department? Which is not happy about this whole situation. People will be mad at you for not opening, so you’re in the middle,” said Michael Mack.

The exception does not allow restaurants to serve alcohol.