Crawford Co. Man Fed Up with Dollar General Trash Blowing into Yard

A man in Crawford County says he’s fed up with trash blowing into his yard from the Dollar General next door.

“When they opened up you could just see a lot of trash flying around, no trash cans for people to throw their debris,” says David Kincaid from Frederic Township.

Kincaid says his family walks their property every day, picking up trash that’s blown over from the Dollar General:

“The trash just goes out there and once it’s out there it’s kind of gone or it hangs in the trees, yellow bags.”

Even the long fence he built around his property doesn’t keep out the handfuls of litter.

Kincaid says, “It’s not right, nobody should live like this. I’m retired military and have a bad back. I shouldn’t be having to pick people’s trash up.”

However, trash isn’t the only thing bothering him. You can see on video from one of Kincaid’s several surveillance cameras people routinely walk right through his yard sometimes vandalizing his property, even threatening his wife.

“Sometimes she can’t sleep at night, she thinks somebodies going to going to be here. Coming into our place,” says Kincaid.

When he found someone going to the bathroom on his fence, Kincaid says it was the last straw: “Urinating 20 feet from my back door is not right, it’s just not right.”

Kincaid says all he’s asking for is some peace and a safe home to raise his family in:

“Raise my daughter in a nice clean environment, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.”