Cherryland Humane Society Helps Countless Dogs and Cats Get Adopted During Pandemic

Humane societies across the nation are having to find new ways to get animals adopted and fostered because of the ongoing pandemic. Cherryland Humane Society in Traverse City is no different Cherryland Humane Societyfrom how they’re having to get creative and re-think ways to get people connected with dogs and cats they’d like to adopt.

Melissa Smith spoke with volunteer and outreach coordinator for Cherryland Humane Society, Melissa Plamondon about a new program that’s helping people despite social distancing, still connect and get to know the animals looking for forever homes.

Plamondon says Cherryland has an influx of kittens at the moment and cats. They also have countless dogs looking for homes who are ready to be adopted.

One of those animals includes a calico cat named, “Piper” who had some litter box issues but has since resolved them. She would be perfect in a home without other cats but it’s always best to contact Cherryland to set up a personalized visitation with “Piper” and see how you connect with her.

To see the list of cats, kittens and dogs all looking for homes and ways to adopt and foster with Cherryland Humane Society check out their website here.

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