Basements, Crawlspaces Flooded in Houghton Lake

People in Houghton Lake are also dealing with high water levels and flooding.

Home owners have been pumping water out of their crawlspaces for days.

The consistent rain and water levels have created a small river running through the neighborhood.

Last year, the Roscommon Road Commission redid the roads and updated storm drains throughout, but even that hasn’t been able to soak up the amount of water Michigan is receiving.

“Our water level just keeps rising and rising, it doesn’t go anywhere, every time it rains it gets worst,” says Bill Martin, homeowner in Houghton Lake. “We’ve got kids, animals, everything back here that’s stagnant water coming out, it’s not going anywhere.”

The Roscommon Road Commission tells 9&10 News that they are meeting with the drain commission Friday to find a solution to safely drain the water.