2020 Graduation Special Airing May 30th, 2020

Celebrating our Northern Michigan Seniors

Congratulations to the Best of the Class 2020!

We celebrate your today and beyond for all you have done, earning top honors in your class. 9&10 News and Mercantile Bank of Michigan traditionally host a daylong luncheon that celebrates these resilient students. This year is anything but traditional though. Although we cannot host an event, we can still celebrate success in our young adults as they move forward.

This is how the 2020 Graduation- Celebrating our Northern Michigan Seniors Special on 9&10 News was created.

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You can watch the live premiere of this special on 9&10 News on May 30th at 12noon or on the free on demand with the free SBTV app .

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“Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; ships sink because of the water that gets in them.  Don’t let what is happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.” ~ VikingStrong 💙💛
Rachelle Cook
Alanson Public Schools
Superintendent/K-12 Principal



To the Class of 2020:

May you not let the current World situation define you; but let the compassion and the strength that you’ve shown be what your community remembers and celebrates with you! Your life journey is only just beginning, use your compassion and strength to help frame the future you hold!

Congratulations on your graduation!
Karen Jarema,
Boyne City High School Principal



“I do not what your future holds, but I do know WHO holds your future”
Robert W. Vaught
DeTour Area Schools



Always strive to be the best version of yourself and remember that no door is ever closed to you.
Katie Lee
School Counselor
Forest Area Community Schools



Proud is an understatement when reflecting on the effort put forth by the class of 2020 during these uncertain and unprecedented times. You have risen above and worked hard to finish strong. Use this experience as your passion to continue to rise above.  I’m excited to see the amazing things you will do with your lives.
Sarah Allen
Grayling High School



“Be Bold, Be Courageous, Be YOU!”
Best of luck to the graduates of 2020…make your mark on this ever-changing world.
Mrs. Danyel Prielipp
Principal/Athletic Director
Marion Jr./Sr. High School



I am so proud of our amazing graduates. They have worked so hard to accomplish this goal, and to do it with Covid altering plans and still staying so united, is a true testament to who they are. To overcome this and achieve the way they have is something our entire school family and community are excited to acknowledge and appreciate on their example of excellence.
Marty Mix
Onaway Area Schools
Secondary Principal
Athletic Director



To the Class of 2020…While the end of your senior year was obviously not what anyone expected, do not let the events diminish all that you have accomplished over your high school careers.  You all deserve to be congratulated not only on your commencement, but also on how you have handled a very difficult time with grace and with understanding.  Remember that you are strong; you are accomplished; you are graduates!  Congratulations again and best of luck on your future endeavors!
MJ Ewald
Roscommon High School
Principal / Varsity Boys’ Basketball Coach

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Congratulations to the Best of the Class 2020!

Abbey Welling
Adia Archer
Adrianna Lynn Malburg
Aleisha Wilson
Alex Sutten
Alexis Salisbury
Alivia England
Alyssa Blair Taylor
Alyssa Jean Thompson
Anna Michelle Lanser
Anne Marie Myler
Benjamin Minkina
Brooke Miranda Whipkey
Brooklynn Boyd
Caitlin Anderson
Caleb L. Pitts
Charlotte Glanville
Chloe Mathewson
Christina Andrews
Christopher Francis Manley
David Weber
Dawson Lee Utley
Eleanor Scarlata
Elisabeth Petrosky
Elsie Burton
Emma Smith
Emmeline Hanna
Garrison Waugh
Genna Dyga
Isaac Kroll
Isaac Schuster
Jacob Joles
James (Jimmy) Mason Storey
Jane Dunlap
Jaylen Schroeder
Jeana Gray
Jordan Larson
Kaitlyn Watson
Liliana Valkner
Lily Freel
Lucas Cooper
Maddie Huntley
Madison Laine Hehir
Mariah McLouth
Matthew Szatkowski
Maxwell Abe Stange
McKensey Kendall
Nicole Kaminski
Nicole Salvador-Dutcher
Olivia E Bowman
Olivia Rachel Adgate
Reagan May
Rhiannon R Gillis
Riley Kischnick
Roger Lind
Ronald J Schwandt
Sophia Vaughn
Sydney Jean Broderick
Teagan Cox
Wyatt James Galarowic
Zoe Marie Merillat