Science Explained: Starlink Satellite

Have you noticed the train of bright lights moving across the night sky? They are called the SpaceX Starlink Satellites. These satellites will soon be a part of a mega constellation of 12,000 satellites Capturethat orbit near the earth to bring faster worldwide internet speed. 

Once the installation is complete, the internet should function about 47% faster if things go as planned. 

They are more noticeable than most satellites because they travel just 340 miles from the Earth! While these satellites are exciting to see they pose concern for astronomers as their bright lights can block the view of other constellations. There is a solution to this problem – they could darken the coating on the satellite. 

For now, they are easy to spot – and when you do spot one – take a picture or video and send it to me at

Here are some questions to think about if you do see one:

  1. What time was it when you saw it?
  2. Where were you?
  3. What did the Satellite look like?

For more information about the SpaceX Starlink Satellites – click here

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