Heavy Rains Cause High Flooding in Traverse City

Business owners at the Grand Traverse Commons rushes to check their stores on Thursday after flood waters reached at least eight feet in the building.

Co-Owner of FYT Health Foods, Kesli Davenport, says, “Immediately there was a flash flood of all of that eight feet throughout PepeNero, throughout all the halls of building 50.”

Once they got inside many business owners say that what they saw was shocking.

“It was startling at first. We were up at the kitchen and we saw that it was flooding at building 50 we came running,” said Davenport.  “They let us in to take care of our shops and as soon as we walked in all of the merchants were just besides themselves.”

The owners of FYT Health Foods say the water came down the hallway and flooded about three feet of their shop.

Davenport said, “Everybody started banning together and started sweeping and trying to get it in the drains.”

 Next door Munson Medical Center had to close down some buildings because of the flooding.Be790992 25de 4ae3 941c 1fcc7915904f

“It affected portions of the first floor and basement. And a lot of it has subsided,” said Munson Marketing and Communications Manager, Brian Lawson.  “Any patients that had appointments or procedures scheduled for tomorrow that we might need to reschedule and we think at this point that will be minimal.”

At this point the Munson teams says they’re focused on getting things back under control quickly.

“We’re remaining optimistic that we’re going to just stay in clean up mode,” said Lawson.

A lot of the water at both Munson and the Grand Traverse Commons has been drained but crews are still working to get everything wrapped.