Drones 101: All you Need to Know About Owning a Quadcopter

It’s no secret that Northern Michigan has some of the most spectacular views. Now, imagine getting to see these sights from above with the convenience of your own quadcopter— a drone.Shallow Focus Photography Of Drone 1336185 

You’ve heard about drones, you’ve probably seen drones but have you ever flown one yourself or been tempted to splurge on one? The four’s Madison Gardner had the chance to chat with 9&10 News’ Special Projects Executive Producer, Corey Adkins to learn more about the technology packed into one of these small quadcopters. 

Drones can cost anywhere from $500 to $6000+ and it depends on how you want to use it— professionally or recreationally. The good news is anyone can pick up this hobby but there’s one requirement — being responsible. 

Another thing to mention before making this kind of purchase is to know the basics of where you can and can’t fly. “You’re not supposed to fly over 400 feet, you can’t fly over things like stadiums, school zones, and jails. You know, it’s kind of a common sense thing you’re not supposed to fly over people,” explains Corey.  However, with special permission from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), some of these shots can be doable. These are not all of the regulations but definitely the most noteworthy.

It’s extremely important before purchasing a drone of any kind to do your research and see which one will fit best with your needs/lifestyle. 

If you would like more information on drones and the laws, click here. 

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