DIY Bird Feeders and a Simple Bird Food Recipe

It’s the time of year when you notice all the birds have returned to our yards and the flutter of wings seems to be a daily occurrence.  That’s why Melissa Smith wanted to showcase a creative, simple do-it-yourself project of creating a bird feeder from repurposed materials. It’s a great way to use items you already have to get the birds flocking to your yard.

Plus, Melissa walks us through a homemade bird food recipe she created with common items you might already have in your kitchen pantry including, oatmeal, almonds, quinoa, chia seeds, and popcorn kernels. You can create a half cup mixture with all or some of the ingredients to put inside the bird feeder.

Here’s what you need for the bird feeder project:Img 3882

  • An empty glass jar either 16 ounces or 24 ounces
  • A rubber band or some form of tie that can go around the jar
  • A metal clamp or paperclip to attach to the rubber band or tie
  • A string or ribbon to attach to the metal clamp that will hang onto a branch
  • A wooden rod, wooden chopstick or wooden spatula for a perch
  • A hot glue gun or wood glue to attach the wooden perch to the glass jar

Steps for putting the items together for the bird feeder:

  • Take the clean jar and glue the wooden perch halfway inside
  • Take the rubber band or tie and place it all the way around the middle of the jar
  • Tip the jar rightside up and pour a half cup of birdseed mixture into it
  • Take the metal clip or paperclip and attach it to the middle of the rubber band/tie
  • Take a smaller tie or ribbon and attach it to the paperclip to enable it to hang from a branch
  • You might have to figure out a balance that works with the birdseed to get the feeder to properly attach to a branch or outdoor hanger

All of the materials should be waterproof so rain won’t interfere with the feeder and make sure to check the bird food mixture throughout the week. It’s best to place the bird feeder in a tree or area near a window so you can see what birds decide to check it out. Have fun and get creative!

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