92-Year-Old Evacuated in Sanford Flood, Comes Back to House Destroyed

92-year old Marilyn Kisser is used to seeing some flooding near her home, but she never expected the water to spill into her home or a foot from her ceiling.

“I’m okay until I try to talk,” says Kisser with tears in her eyes. “I didn’t think it would be like anything like it did so I just basically the left with the clothes on my back.”

Her furniture now piled in the corner and nearly a century of memories ruined or lost forever.

“I couldn’t even get into my bed, the mattress and the bed springs; and the mud, soaked in mud. I couldn’t get my clothes out if I wanted too because I couldn’t get into the closet,” says Kisser.

Kisser’s youngest daughter Mary Beth Frizzell says she’s holding back her tears because she feels like she needs to stay strong for her mom.

“We tried to get some of her important papers and tried to find the battery to her oxygen, but we were walking through eight inches of mud,” says Frizzell.

Now all they can do is tear it down to the studs and hope to rebuild.

“We gutted the house, we emptied it out and ripped all the flooring out and just taking it down,” says Frizzell.

But, they won’t be getting any financial help, like many of Kisser’s neighbors because she didn’t qualify for flood insurance.

“92-years-old and she has the clothes on her back,” says Frizzell. “It’ll never be like it was, her house is gone but it’s going to be a while too.”

If you would like to donate to help Kisser, her grandson set up a GoFundMe Page here: Marilyn Avery-Kisser Flood Relief