New Study Shows Northwest Michigan Could Lose $2.3 Billion During Pandemic

A new study shows the troubling toll the coronavirus crisis has taken on northern Michigan’s economy.

Networks Northwest released an economic analysis for the 10-county region in and around Traverse City.

Researchers say northern Michigan was disproportionately affected by the pandemic and subsequent business closures. The area is heavily touristic, plus a quarter of the workforce is non-essential and couldn’t continue work from a remote location.

Screen Shot 2020 05 27 At 2.12.41 PmThe other takeaways are striking:

-The area could lose $2.3 billion in revenues because of business closures and pandemic complications

-55% of the regional workforce is considered “economically vulnerable” during this pandemic

-19,000+ workers directly rely on the tourism industry and 33% of the total workforce is employed in accommodation and food service. A decrease in Screen Shot 2020 05 27 At 3.17.26 Pmvisitors will be felt immediately and could take a massive toll.

Networks Northwest CEO Matt McCauley says this pandemic has also highlighted the importance of broadband connectivity.

“What we have found throughout this pandemic is that broadband is not a luxury; broadband is critical infrastructure for every community,” said McCauley. “[There are] homes outside of the urban areas that did not have access to broadband.”

Their data shows large swaths of Wexford and Missaukee counties report 30% or more homes without broadband.

The report was created with the intention of empowering local leaders with the data and metrics and they navigate the region’s rebound.

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