Northern Michigan in Focus: The Faith Tree

*This story was originally published in Sept. 2018 and was re-aired May 27, 2020.

Sometimes big things come in small packages, and a little tree in Mecosta County you’re about to see just might amaze you.

“It’s small and vibrant, and tougher than nails,” said Carlleen Rose.

Remember a couple weeks ago when those storms blew through Northern Michigan? Thousands of trees we’re uprooted, snapped in half and destroyed, but not one little tree. 

“When all the other trees are going down, all these mammoth trees are going down, this tree is still standing, so I think there is more to this tree than what we know,” explained Carlleen.

And there seems to be. Last spring, Carlleen Rose and her husband Brian woke up the morning after another bad storm had hit.

“I just had a feeling tonight is the night that tree is going to go, and Brian looked at me and said, ‘Do you want me to go out and look?’ And I said, “No, I am going to go out.’ And there it stood, just as beautiful as it stands today, and I thought I need to have faith. I need to have more faith in life and what happens in life. So that is why I call it my faith tree,” said Carlleen.

There’s really no reason the tree should be standing. It’s hollow, at its thickest width it’s maybe 3 inches, and it’s around 140 years old.

“In some places, the trunk part of it isn’t even touching the ground,” explained Carlleen.

The tree is top heavy. How does it hold all that weight?

During that last storm the bigger and much stronger looking trees were dropping apples like crazy, but not the faith tree.

“Only two have fallen from that tree, and we don’t have an explanation for that. I’ve given up trying to explain it, and I accept it for what it is, and I’m enjoying every day,” said Carlleen.

It’s something we all can learn from.

“You know, I just love the message that that tree is offering and its hope, too. It’s telling you you can go through a lot of storms in life and just hold on, have faith and you know your life will blossom again. There will be life that you will enjoy again, and that is the message of that tree,” explained Carlleen.

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