Gladwin Co. Wants To Reopen Restaurants to Help Victims of the Floods

With the devastating floods in Midland and Gladwin counties, it displaced many people from their houses. This makes it impossible for them to cook meals for themselves and their families.

Along with the impact of the floods, people are also having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, which means stores and restaurants are closed. Gladwin Co Restaurant Flooding

“I never thought I would see this day,” said Gladwin County Sheriff Michael Shea. “I mean, just the pandemic itself was a little overwhelming and now with this added on top of it, it’s pretty devastating for the whole community.”

Sheriff Shea is seeing firsthand the toll that both the pandemic and floods are taking on his county. During a press conference on Tuesday, he addressed the issue of people being able to get fed.

“Even if someone gives you some food, unless it’s ready to eat, you need to have a place to fix those and many of these folks involved with this recent flooding not only do they not have a house to take it into, they don’t have bowls and dishes,” Shea said.

This has forced people to find food elsewhere. Many restaurants aren’t an option for a sit-down meal, and the establishments that are open cannot keep up with demand.

“There’s a bigger need and demand right now than the supply able to take care of that so we need to get these restaurants open where you can do inside dining. It’s so important for us right now,” Shea added.

He is doing whatever he can to make this happen.

“I’ve spoken with Sen. Stamas to move forward on some issues,” Shea said. “I’ve reached out to Representative Wentworth and I know that they were going to bring some things to the governor’s attention.”

His biggest concern is making sure people stay safe and healthy.

“Make sure you are eating and make sure that under these hot conditions you’ve got plenty to drink,” he added.

For flood resources in Gladwin County, visit their website.

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