Coronavirus Layoffs, Furloughs Impact ORV Trail Patrols

The coronavirus has forced thousands of layoffs and furloughs across the state of Michigan and it’s affected off-road vehicle sheriff patrols in Lake County.

Two part-time Lake County Sheriff patrol deputies, who also work for Michigan State Police, were furloughed from the state because of coronavirus cutbacks. This has decreased the amount of patrols on the trails, especially after the Memorial Day weekend.Screen Shot 2020 05 27 At 4.34.10 Pm

The office has received a number of complaints in the past month regarding off-road vehicle riders not following proper procedures, such as going over the speed limit or damaging property.

“I’ve pretty much had a zero tolerance policy when it comes to citations during this crisis,” said Lake County Sheriff Rich Martin. “I say hey, we can’t stop people from coming up here, but if they’re going to come up here, they better know what they’re doing.”

Sheriff Martin asked people who are using ORV trails to follow basic rules so he and his limited number of crew can patrol the trails safely.

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