Crocheted Critters: Traverse City Woman Donates Toys to Kids

One Northern Michigan woman is making good use of her time while staying at home.05 26 20 Crocheted Critters Vo.transcoded.01.transfer

Eileen Smith of Traverse City has been crocheting with any bits of left over yarn she has.

She used it to make cute little toys. From monkeys and kittens to Yoda and bunnies, Eileen has made nearly 30 of these critters.

Now she plans to donate them.

“With the idea of donating them to foster children, children from abused homes, that kind of thing,” she said, “And I know how little kids like to have a little comfort, especially if they can take a little animal and hug it and take it to bed with them. At least it’s theirs to have and to hold and to love.”

Eileen says she plans to keep making more.

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