Connecticut Murder Suspect Manhunt Spans 3 States

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The FBI has gotten involved in a manhunt for a suspect they’re considering armed and dangerous.

It comes after the man went on a murder and crime spree that began over the weekend and is now spanning three states.

Peter Manfredonia, 23, is accused of killing two people and kidnapping a woman in Connecticut.

That woman was found safe at a rest stop in New Jersey.

She told investigators Manfredonia took her car, which was later found at the New Jersey-Pennsylvania border.

According to police, he asked an Uber driver to take him to Allentown, but he jumped out of the car.

His family is now asking for him to turn himself in.

“Peter, if you’re listening, you’re loved, your parents, your sisters, your entire family loves you. Nobody wants any harm to come to you. It’s time to let the healing process begin. It’s time to surrender.”

Investigators believe Manfredonia is in the Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania area.