Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday: Scruffy, Jim, & Bronco

It’s Adopt-A-Pet Tuesday on Michigan This Morning!

This week we have Scruffy, Jim, and Bronco–just three of Northern Michigan’s many great, adoptable animals waiting for a loving family to take them home.

First up is Scruffy!

He’s a hound Airedale terrier mix that’s almost 2-years-old and neutered.

Scruffy is a rescue pup, so he’s looking for a new home with a loving family to take good care of him.

He’d prefer a home with no dogs, cats or small kids.

To learn more about Scruffy, contact the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society in Harbor Springs.

Next is Jim, another rescue animal.

He’s a sweet 3-year-old kitty looking for his forever home.

Jim loves to spend time around the staff over at the Charlevoix Area Humane Society, but he’s eager for a loving family to scoop him up.

If you’d like to meet Jim, contact the Charlevoix Area Humane Society.

And last we have Bronco!

He’s a 3-year-old retriever Labrador mix, a goofball, and a free spirit who’s  looking for a family to match his energy. But he’d prefer a house without any other pets.

He’s also in need of ACL surgery, but he needs to find a fitting home before he can have it done.

The Humane Animal Treatment Society in Mount Pleasant says they will take care of the cost.

For more information on Bronco, you can contact them.

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