MRLA, Local Restaurants Team Up For ‘Feeding Midland County’

With the devastating floods and now the clean up effort in Midland County, the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association teamed up with many local restaurants to Midlandmake sure those who were affected get fed.

“Just been trying to get to as many people as we can with those who are affected with the flood and those who are taking care of the people from the flood,” said Dave Dittenber, the owner of Molasses in Midland.

The MRLA partnered with Molasses, Gratzi, Real Seafood Company and Big E’s to get meals out to people in need. This effort started Sunday and will go through Wednesday.

“Myself and Peter Beukema from Big E’s here in Midland and Kevin Gudejko from Real Seafood and Gratzi in Midland, we got a sponsorship from AT&T to provide meals to the frontline workers and the residents of Midland,” said Dittenber.

The relief effort is also sponsored by AT&T, Sysco, and Gordon Food Service.

They have spots set up during the day where people in need can come get food, and in the evenings, they’re going door-to-door to make sure families are fed.

Big E’s is preparing 500 pizzas a day from 4 pm – 7 pm.

“It means a lot to us because we are cemented into the Midland community,” said Shane Sutherland, the general manger of Big E’s. “We see the same people come in day in and day out that come here for dinner and drinks and parties so it’s nice that we can count on them so we want to help them out.”

These restaurants are also feeding frontline workers.

“Over the next few nights, we’re going to have pizzas delivered out to some of the frontline workers, fire departments, police departments, sheriff’s departments,” said Sutherland. “Wherever we can help, we’re trying to help right now.”

It’s all possible because of the massive volunteer showing they’ve had.

“I’ve worked alongside and volunteered alongside people from all over the place, all over the state of Michigan, we have people coming from outside the state of Michigan, and just the generosity has been tremendous,” Jill Bowen, who has been volunteering all over Midland County.

For more information, you can head to the MRLA website and to volunteer you can visit the United Way of Midland’s website.