Fill That Bus! The Rock of Kingsley Accepts Can/Bottle Donations

A Northern Michigan nonprofit is welcoming your donations after some of their usual fundraisers were cancelled.

The Rock of Kingsley serves as both a youth center and a community space. Since the organization isn’t able to have its usual fundraisers, The Rock is now holding a can and bottle drive.

052 25 20 Rock Can Drive Vo.transferThis bus has been filled with donations once already, and Executive Director Diane Walton says the community has challenged them to do it again.

“We know that people are being buried in their returnables right now because you can’t take them anywhere, so we said OK, let’s fill the bus,” she said. “It’s a true testimony to this community. When you offer them a challenge, they’re up for it because now they’re challenging us. It’s pretty cool. Whatever comes in we’re grateful for.”

There is a no contact drop-off right outside the youth center.

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