Car Shoppers, Dealerships Face Unique Questions During Stay-at-Home

Car buyers have a lot of questions for local dealerships.

The Secretary of State has been closed and many customers are confused about what to do now.

Greg Hall, from the Used Car Factory in Traverse City, says the state has given some guidance.

Hall says, “The executive orders have said drivers licenses, expirations, and license plates are extended.”

 But the executive order doesn’t specify everything.

“They’re coming to me thinking that maybe dealerships have a way to do it, well we don’t,” Hall said. “When you’re talking about these private transactions, there’s really not a way for them to take place.”

 Some are worried about being able to afford a car during this economic uncertainty.

“Financially, if I could afford it… I don’t have a job right now. And I need a car right now,” Carole Hodgeson said.165f0217 9649 45b2 B702 37fbfc4c7f66

Hodgeson is a prospective car buyer and says some dealerships and banks have worked it out so payments can be made later.

“In struggling times I don’t have don’t have to worry about making a car payment,” Hodgeson said. “I realize that my credit is good and I can get a cheaper finance rate on a vehicle.”

Some are also ready to start shopping in the showroom again.

Hodgeson says, “I know they’re taking every precaution that every other place has.”

 For now, the Secretary of State is still closed but dealerships like Used Car Factory and others are still taking appointments.

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