COVID-19 Delays Wexford, Osceola Habitat for Humanity Builds

On Friday, the Wexford, Osceola Habitat for Humanity broke ground on a new build, after being delayed two months because of COVID-19.

“We’re just working through it and we’re just hoping that everything works out,” says Amy Gibbs, executive director for the Wexford, Osceola Habitat for Humanity.

Gibbs says if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught her anything, it’s that affordable housing is important.

“We’ve all stayed at home, we all know how important it is to have a safe place to stay and so we’re able to provide that to people.”

By now, the Inscho family were hoping to see at least the foundation and walls here at their new property, but after a two-month delay, they finally saw some progress on their new home.

Lisa Inscho says, “It’s going to be mine, you know that’s everybody’s dream to have their own house one day and this is going to be mine.”

Builder Evan Stieg says, “It’s just going to take them longer to get their house built, hopefully we can get her done by Christmas is what we were hoping for.”

Gibbs says they were fortunate to still afford this year’s build, but next year is still uncertain.

“Our ReStore is our biggest fundraiser for the year, that helps to build the house and we plan out a year.” Says Gibbs. “We’re ready to build this house, but next year’s house is definitely affected.”

In order to make next year’s build happen, Habitat for Humanity of Wexford and Osceola County say they will be relying on community support through donations and grants.

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