State Police Prepare for Busy Memorial Day Weekend

State Police expect this weekend will be busy and the roads packed with people looking to escape the stress of the last couple of months. State Police Memorial Day

“We want everybody if they do decide to travel to do so safely, speed limits are in place for a reason. Make sure you have good following distances between you and the car in front of you,” said Trooper Ryan Krebiehl.

State Police say they’ve noticed an increase recently in excessive speeding – something they’ll be looking out for this weekend.

“When you get in speeds of over 100mph, it’s something that few cars are meant to do and few people are trained to drive in those circumstances and that increases the risk not only for you but also for other people out on the roadways,” said Krebiehl.

State police just want everyone to stay safe and and follow the rules of the road. A message echoed by bikers visiting from Livingston County.

“Without a doubt play it safe and give us a lot of room. It’s been pretty light, we got up towards 127 and there was a traffic jam up there, it was an accident, luckily we got around it all,” said Paul Robinson

State Police also ask anyone coming to northern michigan to continue practicing social distancing and to wear a mask where appropriate.