Northern Michigan Retailers Excited to Reopen for Memorial Day Weekend

It is expected to be a busy weekend for retail across much of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula as they were allowed to reopen with some changes. 05 22 2020 Retail Reopens Live Pkg 6 2

“I’m ready, everything is all stocked,” said Savannah Joseph, owner of the Taffy Barrel in Charlevoix.

Joseph has all 85 flavors of taffy fully stocked at the Taffy Barrel and is ready to see customers in-person again.

“It’s amazing, I’m so excited and I just really hope that it’s busy, but safe at the same time,” Joseph said.

To make sure it’s safe, Taffy Barrel customers must wear a mask, use hand sanitizer when they come in and can even wear gloves if they chose.

“I just want them to be safe and be cautious,” Joseph said.

And  we all know the saying “like a kid in the candy shop.”

“That’s the biggest thing I’m worried about cause kids come in here and touch every single thing,” Joseph said.

The opening excitement stretches down Charlevoix’s Bridge Street to Seabags Maine.

The store sells bags made from recycled sail materials and is new to Charlevoix, opening for the first time Friday.

“We are very excited today to be able to open and see so many people it’s such a welcome time,” said J.D. Friley, Seabags Store Manager.

Masks are required there too and disinfecting is constant.

They’ll also be allowing just 5 customers in the store at a time.

“Obviously the intent is to keep everyone safe,” Friley said. “So far I’ve seen a lot of great response from people, I think they are very compliant and very understanding.”

Both businesses tell 9&10 News they want everyone to stay safe while being able to be out and about.

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