Munson Healthcare Emphasizes Importance of Nonessential Surgeries

Now that Munson is able to open its doors for nonessential surgeries, they want to assure those coming into the hospital are protected from the coronavirus.

They say they are keeping COVID-19 patients and those coming in for routine surgeries separated.

Dr. Joe Santangelo with Munson Healthcare says, “We need to keep everyone safe. And that means things like when people come to the hospital to have procedures we can provide appropriate social distancing.”

He says just because these surgeries have been put off doesn’t mean they can be ignored.

“Nonessential, according to the Governor’s executive order, doesn’t mean not important,” Santangelo says.

Waiting longer for these surgeries could also end up causing more damage.

“There are some tests or surgeries that are more time sensitive that need to be done right now because if we wait another few weeks that’s going to cause harm,” he says. “Most importantly, that patients have had the chance to recheck back in with their doctors and surgeons. To make sure that they’re still in the right space for surgery, making sure that there aren’t other things that need to be done.”F9b27fbc A5ad 4ee0 B2b9 831e8f25b375

Santangelo says doctors are eager to states treating these patients.

“We’re really excited we’re going to get to start taking care of people in the way that we want to.”

Right now Munson Healthcare says they are taking priority appointments and to make sure to check in with your primary care physician.

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