Law Firm Filing Lawsuit Next Week for Midland County Flood Destruction

This week, Midland County saw record high water levels that resulted in two dam failures and a catastrophic flash flood.

Hundreds of people found their homes flooded or even gone.

Now, a law firm in southeast Michigan is providing legal action for those affected by the floods.

Buckfire & Buckfire Law in Southfield announced they will be filing a class-action lawsuit against Boyce Hydro next week.

Their causes of action include negligence, gross negligence and a nuisance claim.

“We’re going to continue to do an investigation to determine if there are any other responsible parties, obviously they are the company responsible ultimately for the dam,” says Bob Lantzy, from Buckfire & Buckfire. “Right now there are a lot of questions, the answer we’re going to provide is … civil litigation to the dam operators.”

Buckfire & Buckfire say they’re in the beginning stages of their investigation and hope that the release of some documents will provide answers.