Hopkins Creek Donkey Farm: Rescued and Adopted Donkeys call Missaukee County Home

Who needs a walk down memory lane when you can make your way down Donkey Lane? There you will find Hopkins Creek Donkey Farm!Donkey

Larry Thompson is the proud owner of 8 donkeys who lives in Missaukee County. “Donkeys are just kind of like potato chips — you have one and you want another one and then you want another one,” explains Larry. 

For years, Larry had dreamed of raising donkeys but this dream didn’t come to fruition until he retired and bought some land. All he wanted to do was give donkeys a quality of life. Something many of these creatures never know. “Donkeys are probably one of the most abused animals worldwide,” explains Larry. 

Here at Hopkins Creek Donkey Farm, Larry has been rescuing and adopting these entertaining equines for over 15 years. Larry reminisces on how it all started… “A neighbor called me one day and said would you like another donkey and I said no not really…” 

The rest was history… Now Cactus, Sassy, Hammer, Timmy, Midnight, Ebony, Leona and Fudge are keeping Larry on his toes at all times! Larry says, “They’re very lovable animals — they are a herd animal so it’s best to have more than one.” Just like potato chips, remember? You can’t have just one…

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