Expect Increased Police Patrols Along Roads Over Memorial Day Weekend

A Memorial Day weekend like no other.

So much is still unknown during the coronavirus crisis, but also a sigh of relief to some in Michigan as part of the state reopens.

A chunk of northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula can welcome back customers to bars, restaurants and retail stores.

It comes as this weekend is considered the unofficial start of summer business for them. Covid & Memorial Day Weekend Vo 12.transfer

With some businesses opening up, it could encourage others from downstate to spend the weekend in local tourist hotspots.

But no one is really sure how many people will be hitting the road for the long holiday weekend.

State police tell us they expect an increase in traffic this weekend, especially with businesses opening in the Upper Peninsula and much of northern Michigan.

They’ve also noticed an increase in excessive speeding, we’re talking triple digits in some cases.

There will be an increased state police presence along some of Michigan’s busier roads this weekend.


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