Businesses Pushed to Take Employment Survey

Every six months over a three year period the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sends an occupational employment statistics survey to businesses across the country.

The survey invite goes to 20% of the region’s businesses at a time.

Newton’s Road, a STEM-focused nonprofit in Traverse City, is asking those businesses to fill that survey out.

Executive Director Barb Termaat say that not enough businesses in our region have participated, leaving them without that useful data to work with.

“In that survey, they ask about different job roles and the wages for those roles and how many people are employed in those roles, and then you could see you could accumulate that for a region,” Termaat say says. “Well this would be really helpful to students in our region because they would know that if something they are interested in doing, are there enough jobs in this region that it would be worthwhile if they wanted to stay and work here.”

If your business recently received the survey, you have until November to fill it out.

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