Weekday Weather 101 Lesson: Pop-Up/Popcorn Thunderstorms

In light of this very challenging time and with students out of the classroom, the Doppler 9&10 Weather Team wants to help bring weather lessons to you at home! Today’s lesson is about pop-up/popcorn thunderstorms.Weather

How do pop-up/popcorn thunderstorms occur?

Often during the summer months, you will hear meteorologists say that there is the possibility of a Pop-Up Thunderstorm. These are thunderstorms that seemingly occur out of nowhere on warm and humid summer days. But there is, of course, the scientific reasoning behind why these occur! 

There are three necessary ingredients in order to get a pop-up thunderstorm: 

  1. Moisture – This can be seen in the form of a cloud. 
  2. Lift- Warm air that is forced to rise due to a front passing or very strong day time heating!
  3. Instability – Caused by the contrasted between warm and cold air. 

If these ingredients come together at just the right time a thunderstorm can pop-up! You will often see these occur during peak day-time heating. My question for you is if pop-corn thunderstorms often happen around peak day-time heating, what time do you think that would be? 

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