Traverse Dental Associates Change Protocol to Reopen

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic the Traverse Dental Associates say they’ve had to cancel over 2,000 appointments. Now they are making changes to their practice to open their doors in the safest way possible.”

 Doctor David Swan said, “The Michigan Dental Association and the America Dental Association have been very progressive and forward thinking in preparing dentists.”

Doctor Macare Lumbrezer says, “We’ve been really changing all of the protocols in our office to adapt to these times.”

Over the last few weeks the Traverse Dental Associates say they’ve been training staff through Zoom meetings.

Now, they’re going to start screening patients.

 “We are going to screen them a couple days in advance by phone. We are going to screen them the day before by phone. We’re going to screen them when they arrive,” said Swan.

They are also requiring patients to use a special rinse before their visit.  

“We are also having patients do a pre rinse before we see them to minimize bacteria or a virus in their mouth,” said Lumbrezer.B0aad22a 7a70 464a 8b40 67b820bcc442

They’re also making sure that there is no lingering bacteria in the air.

Lumbrezer says, “We’ve instituted filtration systems into our office that actually filters 1,500 square feet of air within 15 minutes and we have four of them.”

They say these measures won’t just be helpful now, but will benefit them in the long run.

“That’s obviously going to help with the COVID crisis but also just make our office healthier year round,” said Lumbrezer.

Swan says he is optimistic about their next steps.

 “I was really encouraged as we’ve learned more about this virus,” said Swan. “Dental offices in my opinion are going to one of the safest places to be going forward here.” 

 Right now the Traverse Dental Associates say they’re taking appointments for priority patients.

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