President Trump Visits Ford Plant in Ypsilanti

President Trump was in Michigan on Thursday visiting a Ford plant where workers have been making personal protective equipment and ventilators. Trump In Michigan

The Ford facility in Ypsilanti is now building ventilators used to treat patients suffering from COVID-19.

The president’s trip is part of his tour to thank businesses producing PPE and other important medical equipment.

He did not wear a mask while touring the plant.

The UAW said he should wear a mask and Attorney General Dana Nessel wrote a letter asking him to as well.

Before the tour, the president sat down with local leaders.

The president also promised on Thursday to send resources to communities in need.

“Our administration is working relentlessly to rush supplies and resources to communities and to protect the health, safety, well-being, and economic opportunity of African Americans and all Americans,” said President Trump.

The White House says they’re talking with the senate majority leader about lawmakers possibly passing a fourth relief bill.

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