MTM On The Road: The Murder Mystery Company Hosts Killer Zoom Parties

If you’re looking for a killer way to switch up your Zoom sessions, The Murder Mystery Co. has the perfect way to do so.05 21 20 845 Murder Mystery Pkg.transfer

They’ve taken their famous parties to Zoom.

It’s a 90 minute game for at least eight people at $25 a person.

Each person is assigned a character and given a biography to follow.

The party has a host that tells the story of the murder and provides clues to help crack the case and find the killer.

The Murder Mystery Company’s CEO, Scott Cramton, has written a brand new story line specifically for these Zoom parties.

Our On The Road Crew, Gabriella and Catie, got together with some other coworkers at 9&10 News to take part in cracking a case of their own.

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