BREAKING: Gov. Whitmer Reopens Auto Dealerships, Allows Small Gatherings

While retail, bars and businesses in northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula are putting on the finishing touches to reopen Friday, Governor Whitmer is lifting some restrictions immediately and allowing more reopenings statewide on Tuesday.

Starting immediately, gatherings of up to 10 people are allowed anywhere as long as proper precautions are followed.

Starting on Tuesday, retail stores and auto showrooms across the state can open by appointment only and with safe distancing guidelines in place.

Next Friday, May 29, nonessential dental, medical and veterinary services can resume.

These are all statewide changes.

Only restaurants and office spaces in the Upper Peninsula and northern Michigan have gotten the green light to open at midnight.

“The data has shown that all regions of Michigan are ready for us to take a small step forward, we’re doing this incrementally, as I have said on multiple occasions. This is like a dial we are turning, not a switch that we just flip. We are going to stay tethered to the data and the epidemiology to know when it is safe to do that. So please, as you reengage in some of these activities, be smart, continue to do your part,” said Whitmer.

Governor Whitmer also says she will release guidelines on how you can enjoy the weekend while still staying safe.

To read the full executive order, click here.

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