102-Year-Old Crawford County Woman Beats COVID-19

Each week we get new COVID-19 recovery numbers from the state, but numbers only tell part of the story.

“I’d come over 2, 3 times a week,” Pam Haley said. 05 21 2020 102 Yr Old Survivor Pkg 6

Pam always looks forward to lunch with her mom Bea at the Munson Healthcare Crawford Continuing Care Center in Grayling. Until the COVID-19 pandemic hit and visitors were restricted.

“It was hard, it was very hard” Pam said.

To make things worse, 102-year-old Bea tested positive for COVID-19

“With her age at 102 and a half, you always worry what can happen,” Pam said. “It was a concern but we also knew her spirit and we just didn’t have a fear of her dying from this, this wasn’t going to be what killed her.”

Bea had just mild symptoms.

“That’s all she had really was a sore throat and tired but at a 102 who’s not tired,” Pam said. “I knew she would beat it, I just knew she would.”

And Bea did!

Thursday was the first time Pam and Bea were able to see each other for a window visit since she got sick.

“I loved it. I always love to see her,” Bea said. “I don’t know what I’d do without Pam.”

Bea says she is fortunate to still be here after going through so much in 102 years.

“I have all those years, but they haven’t been bad, they’ve been pretty good,” Bea said. “I feel very fortunate.”

Pam says this makes their next lunch date that much more special.

“We are so blessed to have her and have her still going when so many people are tragically losing family members over this,” Pam said. “I’m really looking forward to the day we can all get together for lunch.”

Pam says she and her family are so thankful to the entire staff at Munson Healthcare Crawford Continuing Care Center for taking such good care of Bea.

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