Plant-Based Jackfruit Sliders with Sweet Potato Fries

Those summer recipes are always a fun way to ease into the season, especially with outdoor barbeques and camping trips. That’s Sequence 01 Copy 03.00 05 18 11.still002why Melissa Smith is showcasing one of her favorite jackfruit sandwich recipes with a side of sweet potato fries.

Jackfruit is packed with fiber and mimics pulled pork or pulled chicken but gives people a plant-based option that requires little time to put together and is great for minimal ingredients.

To see Melissa walk you through the full recipe check out the video posted above.

Here is the recipe she created for the jackfruit dish:


·         Two cans or pre-packaged jackfruit (fresh jackfruit also works)

·         Diced green peppers

·         Diced white onions

·         Diced jalapeño peppers (de-seed to make the peppers less hot)

·         Barbeque sauce

·         Diced sweet potatoes for fries

·         Pretzel buns

·         Dairy-free mayo or optional dressing


·         Mix vegetables and jackfruit together with barbeque sauce

·         Put sliced sweet potatoes into the oven at 350 degrees until lightly golden

·         Put vegetables and jackfruit mixture onto the pretzel bun

·         Serve with a side of the sweet potato fries

·         Mix a dollop of the dairy-free mayo with the barbeque sauce to create an aioli sauce for dipping

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