Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network Offering Continued Support Throughout Pandemic

For weeks seniors across Northern Michigan haven’t been able to socialize like they’re used to. No pickleball, no cards, no jokes over coffee… However, the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Man Hands Waiting Senior 33786Network has been serving seniors in their community throughout the last 9 weeks of the pandemic. 

Lori Wells, the manager of the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network says, “We have been working from day one to make sure that we’re providing essential services to seniors in Grand Traverse County.” 

The Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network has collaborated closely with the Commission on Aging and Meals on Wheels to provide telephone reassurance and meals to seniors in their county. “So many people come to our congregate sites for meals. That’s their main source of nutrition and so by having that program immediately stopped, we knew that food was going to be an immediate concern,” explains Wells. 

That’s why they developed the curbside meal program offered 3 days a week at their various Grand Traverse County locations. Tuesday they serve Traverse City, Wednesday is Kignsely/Fife Lake and Thursday the program is held in Interlochen. “The seniors can drive up to the senior center and pick up five frozen dinners that are individually packaged. They get fruit, bread and milk,” says Wells.  

In addition to their contactless meal service, they are offering ways to keep seniors physically active. They are offering virtual workout videos online as well as renting out equipment for seniors to take home with them. 

With seniors being one of the most vulnerable populations when it comes to COVID-19, it’s still unclear what the future of the center will look like. Lori Wells says, “We’re kind of bracing ourselves for that and thinking outside of the box and trying to adapt every service that we have in a way that can still serve seniors but in a safe manner that’s in compliance with the stay at home order.”

If you would like more information on the programs and resources the Grand Traverse County Senior Center Network is offering at this time, click here.

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